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The protest deadline for all Texas properties, except those who have received their Notice of Values within the last 30 days, has passed. The ON-LINE sign-up window has been reopened for Residential and Commercial properties in  HARRIS COUNTY ONLY. However, if you received a late Fort Bend county Notice of Value for your residential property, please call BTA's Customer Service team at (713) 263-6100 to sign-up.

In addition, Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC will be accepting late sign-ups for Commercial properties Only within the following counties: Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston and Montgomery. If your property is in Montgomery county please retain your I-File number. If you have already protested your Commercial property, contact Garrett Graham at (713) 263-6110 to sign-up.

If you have already protested your property in Harris County and would like to sign-up ON-LINE with Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC for the 2015 property tax hearing season, please follow these instructions:

1. CHECK YOUR PROPERTY STATUS in the following areas:

a. Your property must already be protested with the Harris county appraisal district. In the event that you have received your Notice of Value within the last 30 days, you may still protest your property with the appraisal district through the 30th day.

b. Your property must be clear of any contractual obligations to any other property tax agents.


If your property is in Harris county and your Informal or Formal hearing is already scheduled, you MUST Reschedule your hearing date no less than ONE MONTH from the date you sign up with BTA.


After you have filed your protest and rescheduled your hearing, go on-line to to sign-up


Once you have completed the sign-up process with BTA, you will receive an Appointment of Agent (AOA) form, a Property Tax Services Agreement with Affidavit and a Property Condition Report (PCR) which will guide you through collecting the type of evidence that may be needed to protest your property valuations. The signed Appointment of Agent form, Services Agreement and Affidavit MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 48 HOURS in order for Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC to represent you at the appraisal district.

Bettencourt Tax Advisors, LLC also offers Arbitration and Judicial Management Services. If we did not have the privilege of doing your hearing, and you are not satisfied with your final property tax value after your Appraisal Review Board hearing, call BTA and let us help you arbitrate or manage your judicial appeal.

For Residential hearings, we charge a contingency fee of just 40% of your TOTAL PROPERTY TAX SAVINGS. A onetime administrative fee of $125 will set up your property tax account for hearings. For homeowners that are over 65, BTA does not bill on the frozen ISD portion of the tax bill, effectively cutting BTA's standard contingency fee in half. Accounts with market caps may be charged a flat fee for services rendered.

For Commercial hearings, we charge a contingency fee of just 40% of your TOTAL PROPERTY TAX SAVINGS. A onetime administrative fee of $250 will set up your property tax account for hearings.

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